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Permeable Concrete Colours

Garden Landscapes in multiple colours

Unique and individual gardens

Australian Permeable Concrete can help you as a home owner or landscaper to create a unique and individual garden design.

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Not just for driveways and car parks, permeable concrete can be used in the design and construction of incredible designed landscape gardens. 

About Permcon

Australian Permeable Concrete (APC) is a leader in the supply and installation of permeable continuous pour concrete solutions.

APC’s products consist of high strength, durable water permeable materials with the aim of giving surfaces a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and natural appearance.

In addition APC products aim to increase infiltration of water to the subsoil, act as a water retention system amd reduce high run off rates during a storm event.

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Australian Permeable Concrete understands its clients and will work with them to deliver their expectations.

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At Australian Permeable Concrete your project is as important to us as it is to you.

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Our focus is on installing high quality products which are high strength, durable, water permeable, atheistically pleasing and maintenance free.

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Australian Permeable Concrete seeks to minimise the impact on the environment and embraces the principles of water sensitive design.

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